A Little Personal Touch Never Hurt a Label

Colors evoke emotion. Colors can cause people to feel angry, sad, happy, calm and even hungry. There are many moods that can be attributed to colors. So what does this have to do with labels? Simple, add a little color to them and get great customer responses.

There are many reasons why custom colored labels would benefit a company; they attract attention, help market a brand, and promote events, overall they stand out. Employing color to provide a visual cue or to highlight important information helps your organization streamline operations and reduce errors and costs. A label is one of the first things people see. They express the message of your company.

Ascent can help you with high quality personalized labels that will establish your unique identity so your company will stand out! Give us a call today and we can help you add a little color to your company.

Posted by: Ascent’s Social Media Coordinator Hayley Monsell

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