Quote to Cash: Unify Salesforce CRM, ERP, and Accounting

Published: October 18, 2023 | By: Ascent Solutions

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Quote to Cash Unify Salesforce CRM, ERP, and Accounting Q2C

Unveiling a Powerful Partnership: Ascent Solutions and Accounting Seed Transforming Business Management for Salesforce Users

What happens when two leading native Salesforce apps specializing in accounting, MRP, and ERP join forces? Salesforce customers receive one comprehensive, supercharged business management solution for distributors and manufacturers alike. Such a solution is now available courtesy of the partnership announced between Ascent Solutions and Accounting Seed.

100% Native Quote to Cash Solution on Salesforces

Accounting Seed and Ascent Solutions have been working together for years with successful mutual customers. The newly executed reseller partnership provides even more value for Salesforce customers to receive an end-to-end native solution for Quote to Cash.

Solution Benefits:

  • Flexible | Configurable and customizable, grows with you
  • Collaborative | Enables a 360-degree view of your business for customers and operations
  • Connected | Effectively links mission-critical business applications and banks
  • Automated | Eliminates manual entry and multiple systems
  • Trusted/Reliable | 100% Native Salesforce Applications

“Our mission at Accounting Seed is to bring the best in accounting technology and support to our users on the Salesforce Platform,” said Corey Kleinbauer, CRO at Accounting Seed. “This new partnership with Ascent Solutions is an extension of that mission for our clients that manage inventory. We’re thrilled to have Ascent Solutions join our Partner Community.”

Quote to Cash Unify Salesforce CRM ERP and Accounting

How it Works:

Access powerful cloud ERP applications for procurement, purchasing, replenishment, inventory visibility, demand guidance, bill of materials and assembly, quotes to orders, fulfillment, advanced returns management, and warehouse mobility all with the #1 accounting solution on Salesforce.
Ascent ERP combined with Ascent Financial Platform (AFP) creates and stages transactional financial data that seamlessly flows into Accounting Seed for a complete Accounting ERP software solution.
Customers no longer need to rely on 3rd party integrations to provide a complete quote to cash system on Salesforce.

Quote to Cash Unify Salesforce CRM ERP and Accounting

Gain Access to Salesforce Implementation Experts

Ascent Solutions implementations are conducted by a team of Ascent Certified Partners, which are consulting firms with years of expertise in Salesforce and Ascent applications. This group of implementation partners also includes firms that are Accounting Seed Certified Partners, such as Aethon Consulting and Rev4. This gives Salesforce customers immediate access to implementation expertise across CRM, accounting, and ERP while exploring a quote to cash solution for digital transformation and scale.

Ready to learn more or take the next step? Visit AppExchange, Accounting Seed, or watch a 60-second video on Quote to Cash.

About Ascent Solutions

Ascent Solutions is a 100% native Salesforce end-to-end platform for enterprise resource planning (ERP). Since 2007, Ascent has provided startups, SMBs, and enterprises with a complete view of front and back-office operations called Operations 360 on Salesforce. Ascent is ideal for companies in the midst of digital transformation or that have outgrown legacy systems and need a better solution to scale with the business.

About Accounting Seed

Accounting Seed was published on the Salesforce AppExchange as a native accounting solution in 2011, effectively bringing Accounting and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) securely under one roof. The native sharing of data on the Salesforce platform gives all departments a real-time view of business performance from sales to operations to finance—while enabling greater efficiency through automation and paving the way for financial growth.

Ascent Solutions is Cloud ERP on Salesforce for Operations 360°

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