Ascent ERP At-a-Glance

Published: June 30, 2023 | By: Ascent Solutions

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Ascent ERP At-a-Glance

Ascent ERP: Elevating Operations 360 in Salesforce for Seamless Business Excellence

In this solution overview video, learn how Ascent ERP extends Salesforce for companies that strive to achieve Operations 360 on the platform. Improve inventory and order management, warehouse mobility, purchasing, financials, and reverse logistics natively on the platform. Drive incremental revenue, better operations, and delight customers with Ascent Solutions technology available on AppExchange.

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Watch Ascent ERP At-a-Glance:

Ascent Solutions is Cloud ERP on Salesforce for Operations 360°

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Why Ascent?

We are distribution and manufacturing technology enthusiasts that understood the term “ERP” was oversold and under delivered. We designed a flexible platform to ensure that we are able to adapt and evolve with businesses from the startup to enterprise level yet keep our offering affordable.