Point of Sale – Overview

Overview – Salesforce POS Solution with Ascent POS Extend Ascent ERP and Salesforce to the retail floor with Ascent Point of Sale (POS) native technology. Ascent POS is a native Salesforce POS solution that enables point of sale purchases for Salesforce users with brick and mortar locations. Payments can be made using cash or credit […]

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Release Notes – Ascent ERP 4.11

These release notes are for release 4.0.9 up to and including 4.11 and are a successor to the Ascent ERP 4.0 release notes. A Note on Permissions, Profiles and Sharing Rules: Security Settings Please review all of your permissions, profiles and sharing rules prior to pushing 4.0+ into production. It is likely due to the […]

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Release Notes – Ascent Rental 1.159

General Information about the Release The main focus of this Ascent Rental release was to improve the UI part and apply Lightning styles to the existing Custom pages. We brought a major improvement by enabling Trade Agreements with multi-currency, a specific setting has to be enabled to benefit from it. We highly recommend you perform […]

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Credit Memos – Creation

Credit Memos – Creation in Salesforce for Better Billing Management Overview This document will serve as an overview of the functionality available via Credit Memos (CM) to create a Credit Memo in Salesforce for better billing management. Definition: Credit Memos are records in Ascent that serve as a framework for giving the customer a credit […]

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