Lot Management

Lot Definition A lot can be defined, in Ascent, as a way to identify a quantity of a specific item, purchased or manufactured, in a way that makes it different from another quantity of that same specific item. Each lot of material would be for a specific item number, have a created date, and an […]

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Serial Number Definition A serial number is a unique identifier used to differentiate a single quantity of an item from another single quantity of an item. Serial numbers are usually used to identify a physical object (like an automobile, a medical device, or a musical instrument), however, they can also be used as a product […]

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Cycle Counting

Overview and Process Definition: This is the process of auditing the inventory counts in your system, and letting the system post variances where physical counts are different from system quantity. The process of performing a cycle count (or count journal) can be done using the desktop or using the Ascent Mobile Menu, on a handheld […]

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Sales/Purchase Planner

Overview This document will serve as an overview of the functionality available via the Sales/Purchase Planner (SPP) function. The purpose of Sales/Purchase Planner is to give users the ability to create purchase orders (PO) or production work orders (PWO) directly from open sales order requirements or PWO BOM Depletion Lines. Definition: Sales/Purchase Planner is a […]

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