Purchase Order – Contract Manufacturing

Overview and Set-Up A contract manufacturing order is one where a company cannot manufacture the item, but has the components available to send to the manufacturer for assembly. The item(s) on the PO must have a BOM. As a result of setting up the PO and completing it, the item(s) on the PO will have […]

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Purchase Orders – Overview

Overview This document will serve as an overview of all of the functionality available via Purchase Orders (PO). Subsequent documents will discuss in detail all the features offered via POs. Definition: Purchase Orders are objects/records in Ascent that serve as a framework for receiving material that goes into inventory as well as recording receipts of […]

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Sales Order – Staging

Overview and Process Companies often have a requirement when getting ready to ship an order to move the material from its normal stocking location to another location, possibly one where other material for the same sales order could be moved. Others might move material that has been picked for that day’s orders to a location […]

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Returns – Vendors

Overview Inevitably, material purchased, if not proper quality or if no longer required, will be returned, whether it is being returned by a customer or being sent back to a supplier. Ascent has three overall combinations of data objects that can be used to return material: Returns and Return Lines RMA (Cases) and RMA Lines […]

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