Item Movement

Overview: Simple Item Movement in Ascent can happen in four ways Item Master: Item Movement – You can move quantities from one location to another. Item Master: Lot to Lot Item Movement – You can move quantities from one lot to another lot. Bulk Item Movement – With this function, you can move material for […]

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Purchase Order – Creation

Overview – Salesforce Purchase Order Creation in Ascent This document will serve as an overview of the functionality available via Salesforce Purchase Orders (PO) to create a purchase order record in Ascent. Definition: Purchase Orders are objects/records in Ascent that serve as a framework for receiving material that goes into inventory as well as recording […]

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Sales Order – Allocations and Backorders

Overview and Process To ensure inventory is available at the time of shipping on an order, AscentERP now allows a user to allocate (“reserve”) sales line quantities against inventory lots during order creation. Quantities against one or more lots can be allocated to either fully or partially satisfy the quantities needed in the sales order […]

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Sales Order – Picking and Packing

Overview and Process A sales order is a construct created for the purposes of shipping inventory to a customer and invoicing the customer. This document will discuss the process of illustrating where inventory is available for shipping and then the corresponding shipping out of relevant sales orders. A sales order can be packed out using […]

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