AFP Custom Settings

Ascent Financial Platform (AFP) Custom Settings Custom Setting Name Field Type Source Object for JE Description of functionality Create JE for Applied Credit Checkbox Credit Memo When a credit memo is created and saved, it can then be applied to for example, a sales invoice. When this is done, an applied credit record is created, […]

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Sales Order – Drop Shipping

Overview and Set-Up Drop shipments are possible as a result of functionality that resides on the item master, sales order, and purchase order. Drop shipments occur when you don’t have adequate stock to ship products to your customers, and have a supplier who can supply the product to your customer. A purchase order gets created […]

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Sales Order – Invoicing

Overview and Process Definition: This is the process of taking a packed sales order and generating a sales invoice.   Custom Settings: Invoicing behavior can change based on a custom setting.  Group Invoice Lines by SOline – If this setting is enabled, when generating a sales invoice (SI) from a sales order (SO), SI lines are […]

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Sales Order – Creation

Overview This document will serve as an overview of the functionality available via Sales Orders (SO) to create a sales order. Definition: Sales Orders are records in Ascent that serve as a framework for selling and shipping material that is in inventory, as well as invoicing for that material. Sales order lines can be allocated, […]

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