Trade Agreements

Definition, types, and hierarchy This functionality makes pricing and discounting, whether on sales orders or purchase orders, easy.  Trade Agreements are a way to represent contractual arrangements with customers or vendors regarding the price of goods and services. This document will illustrate some examples. First, for sales orders: Customer specific discount percentage Customer group discount […]

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Purchase Order – Receipts

Overview and Process To access the Receive PO function, click on the down arrow next to the Change Owner button: This screen will appear, which displays the purchase order lines to be received. There are many options on how to receive purchase order lines: Check the box next to “PURCHASE ORDER ID”,which will select all […]

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Bill of Materials

Definition Creating a Salesforce BOM or a bill of material, simply put, is a list of raw materials, components, and sub-assemblies required to construct, manufacture, or repair an item and the quantities for each. A BOM (bill of materials) is also known as a formula, a recipe, or ingredients list in process industries.    BOM Types […]

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Item Master

Definition, Categories, and Prerequisites Definition: The Salesforce Item Master is a record in Ascent that is the basis for housing all quantity related, product structure, and pricing information.   Categories: There are no specific types or categories of items, per se, however, this document will note the major ways that items can be used.  Item Type: […]

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