Bill of Materials

Definition Creating a Salesforce BOM or a bill of material, simply put, is a list of raw materials, components, and sub-assemblies required to construct, manufacture, or repair an item and the quantities for each. A BOM (bill of materials) is also known as a formula, a recipe, or ingredients list in process industries.    BOM Types […]

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Item Master

Definition, Categories, and Prerequisites Definition: The Salesforce Item Master is a record in Ascent that is the basis for housing all quantity related, product structure, and pricing information.   Categories: There are no specific types or categories of items, per se, however, this document will note the major ways that items can be used.  Item Type: […]

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Item Groups

Description Item Groups serve many purposes in Ascent.  First of all, it is a mandatory field on the item master.  You cannot create an item master record until there’s an item group referenced in that field. However, there’s an Admin Setting that will allow you to circumvent this rule. An Admin Setting called “Set This […]

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Definition A location is defined as a place where you store your items.  It can be a stockroom, an aisle/row/tier combination, an entire warehouse, a bin, or just about anything where material can be stored and counted.   In order to be able to store material in a location, you’ve got to first create the location.  […]

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