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Point of Sale – Overview

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Overview – Salesforce POS Solution with Ascent POS

Extend Ascent ERP and Salesforce to the retail floor with Ascent Point of Sale (POS) native technology. Ascent POS is a native Salesforce POS solution that enables point of sale purchases for Salesforce users with brick and mortar locations. Payments can be made using cash or credit cards, including pay by phone with Apple, Android, and Google Pay powered by Stripe’s payment processing platform.

Complete Point of Sale Solution

A complete POS solution on the Salesforce platform with Ascent ERP inventory management integrated to Stripe payment processing platform and Star Micronics hardware

Sales Process

Add the “Quick Sale” action to the desired global action list, than you can add a tab to the desired Salesforce Lightning app and/or configure it to be used with the Salesforce Mobile app.

The Quick Sale process provides a simple window to quickly and efficiently capture a counter sale with the minimum steps needed:

  1. Select an existing or create a new account
  2. Select or scan the product(s) to be purchased
  3. Click on Auto Pack (the inventory count will be automatically adjusted in Ascent ERP)
  4. Receive Cash or process the payment the Credit Card payment via Stripe BBPOS WisePOS E
  • Several custom screen components extend the standard Salesforce Flow and are included to be used for barcode scanning, custom flow buttons and custom lookup fields.
  • The Quick Sale functionality is tailored to your device, which means that if you’re in a browser it will prompt you to type or select whereas if you’re using Salesforce Mobile it will prompt you to scan a barcode or QR code with your camera instead.

Note: Because of the custom flow screen components, this quick sale operation is only available in Salesforce lightning experience.

POS Hardware

To bring this solution to market, we are partnering with Star Micronics, a leading provider of point of sale (POS) hardware solutions. Star’s WebPRNT technology really worked out with our POS software because it is compatible with a web-based platform such as Salesforce.

CD4 cash drawer and mC-Print3 thermal receipt printer are an excellent combination for businesses looking for a high-speed, compact, and feature-rich printer and full size cash drawer. The mC-Print3 offers various connectivity options, including USB, Ethernet (LAN), WLAN, and Lightning USB, enabling it to work seamlessly with devices like tablets, smartphones, and computers.




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