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Rental Venue Locations

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Overview and Process

A venue is a physical location, possibly where an event is occurring.  A company could have a client who is a consistent renter of goods, and oftentimes, the same goods or the same time period, but at different locations, and they wish to know what goods are currently being rented by their client and where they are.  Using a Venue Location on the rental order header will allow that.

Definition: Venue location records are location records.  They don’t need to be flagged as such, but should be flagged as Count in Inventory – No and Type – Rent.

For our examples below, we created several locations:

Here’s one in particular:

For our example, we also created a new item, “Table, Modern”, which is a rental item and has inventory:

Custom Setting of Importance

Use Venue on Pack Order – if used, then Ascent combines the venue location entered on the ental order header with the account name for the location the rented material resides in between Pack Order and Rental Return.

Note: if this custom setting is enabled, if you do not enter a Venue Location on the rental order header, then the location where the material will reside in between Pack Order and Rental Return will not use venue location.

Process: we have created three (3) rental orders for three rental customers.  Each one has a venue location on the rental order header.  A fourth customer’s order does NOT have a venue location.


The fourth order has no venue location referenced:

The line items are all as follows:

The item being rented has this inventory:

Now, let’s pack all 4 orders (we’ll just illustrate one for this example):

Let’s repeat the process for all orders.  Then, look at the inventory:

The lot/locations for the three orders that had Venue Locations (1, 4, and 5) all show that data as the Venue/Account Name.  The one order that had no Venue Location shows as Rental – Test Rental Account.

Returns occur as normal.


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