How to Barcode Scan on Apple Products

If you've had challenges barcode scanning on Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad, then this news will appeal to you! Socket Mobile has released the Bluetooth Cordless Hand Scanner (CHS) 7Ci to handle this need.

Apple hit a wall when it came to two-way communication between their devices and barcode scanners. With the help of Socket Mobile, Apple can now facilitate data parsing, binary data, and other advanced features in their applications with the CHS 7Ci and the newly updated SocketScan 10 Software Development Kit. The CHS 7Ci is a low costing 1D wireless bar code scanner; the perfect data solution to any mobile workforce. It has long-range Bluetooth (up to 330 ft) enabling wireless barcode scanning in a pocket-size and lightweight design. It also has a long lasting battery allowing it to be used over long periods of time on one single charge. The CHS 7Ci can scan barcodes off of LCD screens of computers or other mobile devices. The scanner is able to read printed barcodes that have been damaged, smeared or poorly printed.

Not only is the CHS 7Ci Apple iOS compatible, the CHS 7Ci is also works with the Android, BlackBerry and Windows operating systems.

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