Six Reasons AscentERP and Accounting Seed Make a Powerful Combination

What happens when two leading native Salesforce apps specializing in Accounting, MRP, and ERP join forces? You receive one comprehensive supercharged business management solution for distributors and manufacturers alike. Such a solution is now available courtesy of the partnership between AscentERP and Accounting Seed. Here are six reasons why Accounting Seed in conjunction with AscentERP […]

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Salesforce and AscentERP

In case you missed it, Forbes’ recently published an article stating that Salesforce does not have an ERP offering, proving that political campaigns aren’t the only place you’ll find misinformation.  While we don’t hold it against the slightly biased and misled author, we do want to clarify: Salesforce has an ERP application.   Forbes got […]

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Significant, world-changing innovations have always been the spark that ignites a new age in history. And today, many believe that big data is the spark ushering in the fourth industrial revolution. Businesses are racing to keep up with advances in this technology-based revolution, where all information is valuable, from sources and inventory to partnerships and […]

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Not to be undone by iOS, Zebra Elevates Android to Enterprise Standards with (MX) Mobility Extensions.

Android and iOS were designed for the consumer world, not the enterprise, but as consumer devices made their way into the workplace, so did the operating systems. There were concerns that the Android open source platform wasn’t strong enough to meet a higher level of security and management demands. However, like the devices themselves, Android […]

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