Food Traceability Solution

You’re under pressure to act fast and efficiently. Facing rising operational costs and growing visibility of consumer food safety, you’re under pressure to improve efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. To meet these needs while containing costs, food traceability programs are particularly imperative for achieving rapid responses to potential product recalls. Increasing operational costs. Growing public […]

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Inventory Adjustments

Ascent has released a new Inventory Adjustments feature, which will allow users to adjust inventory counts up or down, and even create new lots on the fly. This feature is particularly useful when loading up inventory, recording spoilage, issuing inventory for destructive testing, or merely recording “found” inventory.

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Item Transfers

Ascent has just released a simple Transfer Items transaction, that will allow you to easily move material of different items from one location to another. This can facilitate emergency shipments from one facility to another. The previous technique required accessing each individual item master and moving material one item at a time. This new function […]

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