Ascent Solutions Looks to the Cloud – Inventory and Order Management Opportunity

Written By: PJ Jakovljevic Date Published: June 16, 2020 Several years ago, we met with executives from Ascent Solutions (owned by Precisio Business Solutions, based in Somerville, NJ) at a Dreamforce user conference by Salesforce. The cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) software provider on the Salesforce Platform was founded by seasoned manufacturing and distribution business […]

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Why QuickBooks Might Not Be the Right Business Tool for You

Simple, easy to use, and highly rated, QuickBooks is often the go-to accounting application for small to medium sized businesses. Sustaining popularity nationwide since the early 2000’s, QuickBooks has established a reputation of their user-friendly accounting system. However, as cloud-based systems become ever more prevalent in efficient enterprise resource planning, QuickBooks may actually present more […]

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This Year, Ascent is Helping You Reach Your Enterprise Resolutions

With the new year comes the chance for new resolutions, yet whatever your new objectives may be, accurate inventory management will always be an enterprise goal at the heart of every efficient supply chain. Teaming up with warehouses and distribution centers nationwide, Ascent Solutions has developed a legacy of empowering the workforce with affordable solutions designed to […]

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What does Efficient Reverse Logistics Look Like

In 2015, the value of returned goods increased enough to classify as the world’s 21st largest economy, outranking international economies and annual sales from major American retail corporations. Responsible for nearly a third of global returns, U.S. consumers contribute up to $221.7 billion according to market researchers from the IHL Group. Furthermore, return processes are becoming far […]

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Unlock a new Level of Productivity with Color Labels

Monochromatic labeling systems have retained popularity in the industrial landscape since they serve as both a cost-effective and standardized printing solution in warehouses and storefronts alike. However, new breakthroughs in printing technology bring opportunities previously unavailable with black-and-white consumables. Capturing attention before barcodes and words, color labels boost inventory accuracy in and out of the […]

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