Salesforce and AscentERP

In case you missed it, Forbes’ recently published an article stating that Salesforce does not have an ERP offering, proving that political campaigns aren’t the only place you’ll find misinformation.  While we don’t hold it against the slightly biased and misled author, we do want to clarify: Salesforce has an ERP application.   Forbes got […]

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DreamForce 2014

There are many things that can be said about DreamForce, a distant memory is not one of them! Thanks to our customers, employees, partners and Salesforce personnel, we had our biggest and most productive DreamForce ever. We met and reconnected with many of our existing customers. We had detailed conversation with prospective new customers, two […]

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The Innovation Never Stops!

The rules of social media says, limit the self promotion. Forget that! Ascent continues to innovate and refine. Our newest innovation, DWO, will allow Ascent to support the refurbish and repair market place. DWO – Deconstruct Work Order. This new feature in Ascent is primarily for those customers who are new to Ascent, who have […]

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