Modernize Delivery Service Tech with Ascent Solutions

Published: July 10, 2019 | By: Ascent Solutions

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Modernize Delivery Service Tech with Ascent Solutions

Accurate Rental Inventory Management

In today’s global market, accurate inventory tracking is essential. However, rental companies with too much inventory may struggle to keep up with timely delivery and services when the wrong hardware is used. Enhance your delivery service tech, from warehouse management to purchasing when you combine Ascent Solutions native applications on Salesforce with Zebra Technologies enterprise-grade hardware. Get more visibility in asset tracking, supply stock, and rentals, in one ergonomic intelligent device, functional in and out of the warehouse.

The Zebra TC57 – Lightning Speed Delivery Service Tech:

Integrating mobile operations with Salesforce Field Service revolutionizes delivery service tech through complete inventory management regardless of location, guaranteeing timely deliveries and correct stock management. Paired with Zebra Technologies TC57, managing deliveries with Ascent Solutions is fast, easy, and simple all through one rugged, yet user-friendly, all-touch computer.

Modernize Delivery Service Tech with Ascent Solutions

The TC57 – Lightning Speed at Your Fingertips

Built for field service with exceptional location support, the Zebra Technologies TC57 supports Visible Light Communications, Bluetooth 5.0 BLE, and Zebra’s MotionWorks, the real-time location system designed for simplicity in tracking resources once they leave the warehouse.

Built for the Field

Powered with the intuitive WorryFree WiFi, the TC57 delivers unmatched sustained connectivity wherever there is a WiFi signal. That means remote deliveries cannot impair its functionality, bringing you closer to your farthest clients and providing boundless connectivity.

Modernize Delivery Service Tech with Ascent Solutions

Boundless Connectivity

From Mobility DNA apps like PowerPrecision+ to its pristine glove-resistant touchscreen, the TC57 lets you track inventory with the uttermost visibility, minimizing unforeseen costs due to damaged returns, improper handling, and stolen items. Data is quickly available and managed on one platform.

Shatter Expectations with Better Deliver Service Tech

Although consumer-grade devices may get you acceptable results, only quality enterprise-grade devices can optimize productivity at the speed demanded by today’s standards, while decreasing error rates by 60%. Instead of relying on easily breakable hardware, choose devices engineered to endure the strain of fieldwork, whether it be harsh weather or high drops. Rugged from the inside out, the TC57 brings durability with the ease of consumer-grade devices as it’s powered by Android, a familiar OS easily adoptable by your team. Plus, making the choice is even simpler through the GO Zebra Trade-In Program. Just send in the eligible TC56 to get a cash rebate on your upgrade.

As a fundamental part of Ascent’s goal in facilitating asset tracking, we take hardware integration seriously, which is why we only recommend technology designed to meet high standards – fast and accurately. Contact us to learn how to maximize ROI with devices crafted for heavy workflow and productivity.

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