Feature enhancement #5 Rental Process Management

The world economy is evolving towards subscriptions, rentals or loaners in advance of outright purchases. We subscribe to our software, radio, internet and TV. We lease or rent our cars, homes and furniture. When we have parties we rent the tables, chairs linens and more. When we have home projects we rent the tools equipment and trucks. In the business world companies are putting forth rental programs to spur growth and sales.

There are multiple apps that can support a subscription model, but up until now, the SFDC Force.com cloud did not have the ability to manage rentals. The rental front end is different than a standard sale. The ability to manage sales, returns, inventory and purchases in a time based fashion is the key to a successful rental application.

As we see it there are two different types of rentals, an event driven one time rental ie..party rentals and tools. Or a more robust rental that has a contract over an extended period of time with periodic invoices.

Ascent is ready to support both! Come to booth 300 to learn more.

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