Food Traceability Solution

You’re under pressure to act fast and efficiently.
Facing rising operational costs and growing visibility of consumer food safety, you’re under pressure to improve efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. To meet these needs while containing costs, food traceability programs are particularly imperative for achieving rapid responses to potential product recalls.

Increasing operational costs. Growing public health concerns. More FDA and industry mandates.
Intermec understands the demands created by increasing food safety legislation and industry regulations as well as the focus on consumer safety. We realize that you need cost-effective food traceability solutions that help you improve operational efficiency and get employees up to speed while also meeting current (and future) compliance. It’s because of our deep understanding of these issues as well as the quality of our rugged mobile computers and printers that today’s farmers turn to Intermec and our partners for complete food traceability solutions.

From field to fork: Intermec, together with our partners, is your solution
Intermec provides rugged mobile technology solutions to support food traceability programs by improving efficiency, safeguarding public health, increasing customer satisfaction and providing the means to comply with FDA mandates. Our extensive line of rugged mobile computers, printers, scanners and RFID products make implementing a food traceability program easy and cost effective.

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Posted by: Ascent’s Social Media Coordinator Hayley Monsell

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