Hardware and the Cloud

Just because we are in the cloud does not mean hardware is dead! The cloud has made us fast, efficient and fortunately/unfortunately connected 24 X 7. How we stay connected must keep evolving. As the amount of data we view and touch gets more intense, our connection speeds must keep up. Because of high speed WiFi and the desire for more and more high definition data, the hardware we use to view and interact with this data must also improve at internet speed.

Note pads, green screens and the static web are long gone. The high definition, interactive experience is the future. The good news, HD is not just for T.V. anymore.

MVIX USA is bringing high definition interactive signage to the B2C market place. The fast casual restaurant industry is one of the first to experience and utilize the growing trend in the HD kiosk movement. MVIX USA is there to bring the ultimate in customer experience to life. Their interactive digital signage combined with kiosk technology is bringing an amazing customer experience to the fast casual restaurant and many other industries.

MVIX USA, empowering the customer centric enterprise!!

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