Managing Your Back Office Needs & Getting Paid Has Never Been Simplier

As many businesses continue to chase a simple, seamless back office solution it is surprising how often payment processing is overlooked and not prioritized. Efficiently processing payments is an integral piece of running any successful business. An unorganized payment processing system can lead to negative consequences such as late payments, jumbled payment/customer information, workplace confusion, etc.

Ascent Solutions, built on the Salesforce platform, manages all of your back office needs from inventory and order management to mobile warehouse management and more. Ascent solutions allows you to gain global visibility into your inventory via traceability and accuracy in addition to streamlining the RMA process. We have a seamless integration with our partner, Kulturra, a payment processing system, also built on the SF platform. When utilizing Ascent and Kulturra, inventory/order management are streamlined and getting paid has never been simpler.

So, How Exactly Does It Work?

1) An SO is created (it will need to have a contact set)

2) Once the order lines have been created and confirmed, a payment can be taken with the “Pay Now” button. (The order does not have to be packed, but can be)

3) Pay now defaults to the SO balance due but can be changed to any amount

4) If the Contact has a payment profile (tokenized credit card on file) it will default to that but another card can be added. The SF platform is PCI compliant.

5) The payment will process as a CC charge, the Kulturra Payment record will show on the SO page in the related list so you can see the payments

6) An Ascent Cash Entry is created, for that Customer Account

7) The invoice is generated

8) the "pay" button is used by finance to apply the CE to the invoice

9) the invoice will be generated with the zero balance or balance due in case of a partial payment

Ascent Solutions works with you to solve all of your back office needs and we have numerous integration partners that help elevate this process. Visit our website to learn more and schedule a personalized demo.

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