Agility and Innovation are the New Currency in App Development

The age of designing, developing, and manufacturing something in a single iteration is long gone, particularly for software of any kind. Today, people expect the applications they use to improve regularly and over fairly short periods of time. No one imagines that they will download a new app once and never see updates. But gone too are the days of messy, inconvenient, buggy updates that made users nervous for fear that their device would suddenly stop working or become possessed and unusable.

The most successful companies alter and tweak their apps weekly, or even daily, based on consumer feedback. But now the transition from version to version is typically painless for consumers since it happens automatically, behind the scenes. You probably use a lot of the apps from companies pushing the boundaries of frequent, automatic updates, companies like eBay, Facebook, Pandora, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, and Candy Crush.

Companies that want to stay at the front of the pack are using customer and employee feedback to constantly improve their apps, which of course means that the best apps are never “done.”

If this is the new landscape, what differentiates the companies that can—and do—update software regularly? Speed.

For IT departments to unlock creativity and innovation they need good information from users and they need now. When they can turn that information around with useful, automatic updates, they put their company at the front of the pack.

Additionally, app developers who can implement useful fixes and requested upgrades on a regular basis create trust and loyalty in their customer base. Users know that the company is committed to providing the best user experience possible, which is a powerful motivator when it comes to choosing an app from the sea of options.

Agility is the new currency in business. Call us today to find out how AscentERP can help keep your company at the forefront of rapid innovation.

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