On-Running Has My Business!

I have been a runner for a long, long time. Cross Country team, and many 10K’s throughout my life. Now at 47 years old and 230+ pounds, jogging (not running) became a chore. After a 3 mile jog my knees hurt, back hurt shoulders hurt everything hurt. I “jogged” in all the popular brands and the agony in my joints just seemed to be the way it is. Then we found On-Running.

As you can see from our April Customer spotlight, On-Running became a customer of AscentERP. During the course of business, On-Running was gracious enough to send us a few pair of their running shoes. To make this short, I am now jogging again. A 3 mile jog no longer causes pain. When I finish my body joints feel great and I am in love with outdoor running once more.

I am getting older and I still weigh too much, but thanks to my Cloud Surfers, I am back out there tearing it up!

You need to try these shoes!!

Written by: Ascent’s Co-Founder and President Shaun McInerney

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