One Light at a Time, SolarAid is Changing the World

SolarAid is a leading charity tacking climate change and poverty by creating a sustainable market for solar lights. Their goal is to eradicate the kerosene lamp from Africa by 2020.

With 1,125,866 lights sold, yes sold, SolarAid is well on their way to reaching their goal. Selling the lights and reinvesting their earnings back into their work is how they are creating a sustainable market. The ability to invest in innovation and improve distribution will help drive success, saving millions from fuel poverty and the terrible health effects of Kerosene fumes.

For our part, AscentERP is helping with the quote to sales, invoicing, procurement and global supply chain. It is also noteworthy that another AscentERP customer, Atama Solar, is a Shining Lights partner of SolarAid. Atama Solar recently worked with the SolarAid educational team to help light schools in Zambia.

Please take a look at the SolarAid website, and see how you can support this great cause.

Thank you SolarAid for Doing Great Things.

Written by: Ascent’s Co-Founder and President Shaun McInerney

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