Pro-Stretch Takes the Cloud by Storm

We have all heard of, and know of, companies that took the internet by storm. What we do not discuss are companies that have taken the Cloud by storm. Today I introduce you to Pro-Stretch, an early adapter of and AscentERP. As a supplier to some of the largest garment companies in the world, Pro-Stretch needed a solution that was accessible, scalable, and capable of operating with the use of multiple currencies and in multiple languages. Pro-Stretch chose and AscentERP.

Pro-Stretch’s globetrotting CEO, Christine, can manage her company’s global sales, manufacturing, and distribution all from her web browser. With very limited administrative staff and IT infrastructure, she can oversee the business while home in the UK or on the plant floor in China. The entire business is managed seamlessly without silos. The ability to react to customer demand is instantaneous no matter where Christine or her reps are located.

Way to conquer the cloud Christine!

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