How Ascent Solutions Offers a Real Time, Available to Promise, Across All Locations View Into Inventory (All On the Salesforce CRM Platform)

Rental clients use our rental package to assist them in managing their rental inventory, order processing, reservations, shipping, and returns.

Rental Inventory

  • Ascent provides for inventory to be classified as rental or sellable. Or both, for those clients who are on a “try-and-buy” basis
  • Track individual SKUs by serial number control. For example, medical devices can be tracked by serial number control and lot control
  • Using rental master planning to determine shortages, and create stocking purchase orders or rental purchase orders
  • Inventory can be received via purchase order receipts, cycle counted, adjusted, transferred, and shipped

Rental Order Processing

  • Ascent Rentals allows opportunity entry, quotes, and rental orders, to track from initial prospect inquiries to shipment of rental goods
  • Order pricing can be done by daily, weekly, monthly, 28-day, 30-day, and yearly rates
  • Dated Item Reservations gives you the ability to hold or reserve inventory for a client’s rental period in advance of the shipping date, ensuring availability for the time the material is requested
  • Inventory availability for specific time periods through the order process can be seen using Available-to-Promise
  • Orders can be staged and re-staged prior to shipping material to the client location or venue, allowing for a more formal delivery process, if desired

Rental Shipping

  • Goods can be shipped either using desktop access or through mobile scanners
  • Through shipping, goods can be recorded at a venue or other location, which is advantageous when a client has multiple rentals going on at once, and determination of what goods are where for that client is necessary
  • Integration with multi-carrier shipping packages to create shipping labels, tracking codes, and generate charges

Rental Returns Processing

  • Returns can be done via desktop access or through mobile scanners
  • For a return, scanning a serial number is all that’s necessary to return the material to a location of choice. Optionally, in the same mobile transaction, the material can be shipped to another order

Some Current Ascent Rental Customers


Amaryllis is an event rental company. They utilize Ascent Rental by creating a rental order (for furniture, bars, tables, chairs, candle, lights, and other items that could be needed at an event/party banquet). They use RFID technology to stage material and to then re-stage it onto a delivery truck. Amaryllis also utilizes desktop packing/shipping functions to record the material delivery to the client/event. Upon return, they record the return of the serialized items using the same RFID technology. Additionally, they sell items such as floral arrangements, utility vases, etc. that do not require RFID technology, so a mix is appropriate for this client.

Amaryllis Floral & Event Design


A-Rent is a company that rents electronic test equipment. A-Rent can rent on a daily or 30-day basis. Ascent keeps track of the serialized inventory, ships it out (along with shipping carrier integration), generates invoices, is integrated with an accounting package, and performs the return process.


Phreesia is a flexible and scalable platform designed for the Healthcare industry. They use Ascent Rental to track tablets that are running the Phreesia software on them. They send these tablets to their clients such as hospitals, doctors, etc., pack out the orders and are then able to keep track of which customers have which tablets. Additionally, if there is an issue with one of the tablets, they can easily perform the return of the tablet and immediately ship out a replacement.

Warehouse Mobility
Salesforce Field Service Lightning (FSL)


Quadra is a furniture rental company. They utilize Ascent Mobile Menu and scanners to ship the material to their clients as well as to return it. The scanners are used to scan the serial #'s of the furniture to either return it to inventory or allow it to be moved to another client. On the return side, the pickup personnel simply have to scan the furniture being returned, and Ascent Rentals instantly knows the customer and order which was used to ship the material. The item is then put back into inventory, or allows the pickup personnel to move that specific item of furniture to another customer's order.