Salesforce and AscentERP

In case you missed it, Forbes’ recently published an article stating that Salesforce does not have an ERP offering, proving that political campaigns aren’t the only place you’ll find misinformation.  While we don’t hold it against the slightly biased and misled author, we do want to clarify: Salesforce has an ERP application.


Forbes got it right the first time when they wrote an article about the rise of Salesforce and highlighted their partnership with AscentERP.  As the number one CRM solution, Salesforce is a pioneer in the cloud industry, so it should come as no surprise that AscentERP is their top back office application.


AscentERP is a cloud-based turnkey ERP and MRP available on AppExchange.  Recognizing that it is difficult to manage your company well with cumbersome software that can only be accessed at the office, AscentERP provides real time data, any time, anywhere.  Our enterprise resource planning system can also:

  • Track sources for materials or products
  • Plan for procurement and forecast inventory needs
  • Manage inventory over multiple locations
  • Tie sales orders directly to available inventory
  • Streamline the make-to-order process
  • Make returns and return orders simple and accurate
  • Simplify fulfillment and invoicing


We have worked closely with our clients for years to provide comprehensive solutions to the unique challenges faced in their industries.  If you’re looking for a robust ERP that will provide flexibility and give your company a competitive edge, AscentERP is here for you.

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