Solving the Inventory Struggle in Salesforce Field Service

Published: July 10, 2023 | By: Ascent Solutions

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Solving the Inventory Struggle in Salesforce Field Service

Streamlining Field Operations: Elevating Efficiency with Inventory Management in Salesforce Field Service

Salesforce Field Service is designed for any business that has a fleet of people in the field performing deliveries, repairs, and installations. Field Service streamlines the process for resources in the field through numerous different features. For example, it permits field service resources to finish work orders while staying on the job site, enables supervisors to see and manage work from either a Gantt graph or map view, and accurate time recommendations for clients on the basis of existing schedules and travel time. These features grant a more streamlined process for field service resources and success for businesses. However, due to the increase in Salesforce customers who had already implemented or were evaluating Salesforce Field Service, we understood that comprehensive inventory management capability was not available.

Ascent Solutions Natively Extends Salesforce Field Service

That’s where we come in. Ascent Solutions is a team of ERP technology enthusiasts who have built native Salesforce applications for 15+ years on the platform. Our mission is to bring enterprise-class solutions to any sized company. Salesforce Field Service functionality is generally designed to help large enterprises manage field service teams; however, it’s also a powerful tool for SMB companies to revolutionize their field service management. Ascent Solutions applications were built to address key areas such as comprehensive inventory management that includes replenishment, asset and order management, along with time and materials tracking to be in sync with financials. Bridge this functionality with Salesforce Field Service, and your operations teams will achieve new levels of operational efficiency and cost savings – all natively on Salesforce.

We are eager to see Salesforce’s continued innovation and product roadmap for Field Service, as we are confident Ascent Solutions functionality will be complementary to those upcoming features. Ascent provides significant value for Salesforce customers in the manufacturing and distribution space who perform field repairs and service. These customers always expect robust inventory and order management capabilities in our solutions on Salesforce. In fact, you can say that “Ascent Solutions grew up on the Salesforce platform” from a back office functionality perspective.

Make sure to check out the Ascent Solutions overview video below or visit the Salesforce AppExchange to learn more about our 100% native applications.

Ascent Solutions Overview

Ascent Solutions is Cloud ERP on Salesforce for Operations 360°

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