Ascent Solutions brings 15+ years of experience building native applications together with decades of collective industry experience to provide affordable, flexible and scalable solutions for your business.

Operations 360

Achieving Operations 360 means that you have the visibility and control to dramatically improve operations, revenue, and customer satisfaction. Ascent ERP is an enterprise class ERP application built natively on the platform that empowers purchasing, operations, warehouse, sales, service and finance teams to collaborate and collectively control inventory, order management, replenishment, warehouse mobility, and reverse logistics.

Inventory and Purchasing Management

Ascent Inventory Management (IM) is a part of our suite of IOM applications that provides a simple yet powerful application providing full inventory visibility in multiple warehouses. Easily replenish and receive in specific locations with purchase orders while tracking standard, average, lot and asset costs. Manage vendors and returns with ease.

Orders and Fulfillment Management

Quickly create orders with products, services and delivery addresses. Ascent Order Management is part of our IOM suite of products and allows you to consolidate multi-channel orders in one place to efficiently fulfill with tailored pick, pack, ship and return processes or synchronize pertinent information with your third party logistics partner.

Multi-location Inventory and Omni-channel Orders Management

Combining the IM and OM apps into one end-to-end solution Ascent IOM allows you to build a multi-channel order and inventory management solution to help you track orders, control inventory, replenish stock, create shipments, and manage vendors or customers reverse logistics.

Complementary Salesforce Solutions

Our 100% native applications are complementary to anyone already benefiting from the Salesforce Platform and its Sales, Service, Commerce, Marketing, Health and Manufacturing Clouds as well as additional products like CPQ and FSL.
Complementary Salesforce Solutions