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Ascent Solutions brings 18+ years of experience building Salesforce native applications together with decades of collective industry experience to provide affordable, flexible and scalable solutions for your business.

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Standalone App: Ascent ERP  is our flagship solution.


Ascent ERP: Inventory, Purchasing (PO), Orders, Reverse Logistics & Warehouse

100% native application to achieve Operations 360°. Gain a complete view into the lifecycle of an order from inception to delivery. Control inventory, warehouse, procurement, production, sales, returns, services to delight customers and increase revenue.

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Aerospace & Defense

Government Cloud

Health Cloud

High-Tech & Electronics

Industrial Equipment & Machinery

Medical Device Manufacturers

Project Manufacturers

Wholesale Distributors

Rentals, Leases, Trials & Loan ERP Software

Federal, State/Local Agencies

Public Health Care Industry


Ascent Rental: An Enterprise Resource Planning Solution For Companies That Rent

Ascent Rental, the first native Salesforce application to efficiently manage rental, loaner and trial equipment orders, as well as event rentals. Manage the bookings duration, while planning availability by specific time frame. Renting made EASY!

Ascent RentalSalesforce AppExchange

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Ascent Rental, Best Enterprise Rental Software and Resource Planning Solution for Rentals

Extension Package: Ascent Rental is an extension package to Ascent ERP.

Ascent IM Inventory Management Purchase Orders Replenish Track Trace Salesforce AppExchange

Standalone App: Ascent IM Can combine Ascent OM for Apps 360 IOM.


Ascent (IM) Inventory Management: Purchase Orders, Replenish, Track & Trace

Achieve Operations 360° with Track and Trace. Ascent IM empowers inventory management for healthcare, medical devices, laboratory and pharma. Extend Salesforce Health Cloud functionality to assist in tracking inventory and costing data to improve the patient experience and reduce operating costs.

Ascent IMSalesforce AppExchange

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Ascent (OM) Order Management: Sales Orders, Pick, Pack, Return

Ascent Order Management OM to simplify omni-channel orders. Ascent OM is a 100% native application for order management. It extends the Salesforce standard order entry interface, products and price books in order to add new fields & functionality to assist in managing orders and costing.

Ascent OMSalesforce AppExchange

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Ascent Inventory Management Software Salesforce AppExchange Ascent Solutions

Standalone App: Ascent OM. Can combine Ascent IM for Apps 360 IOM.

Ascent Solutions Label Anything Create Print Barcodes Labels from any Salesforce Object

Standalone App: Ascent Label Anything use with or without other Ascent Apps.


Ascent Label Anything: Create & Print Barcode Labels From Any Salesforce Object

Create Barcode Labels, Print Labels and Tags. You can create any size label, with any barcode symbology from any standard SFDC object or any custom object including managed packages. Ascent Label Anything is a standalone app that can be part of any solution with or without any other Ascent applications.

Ascent Label AnythingSalesforce AppExchange

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Industries Who Use Ascent Solutions

Ascent Solutions is trusted by 100’s of major brands, government, and small businesses globally.

Manufacturing & Automotive

Healthcare &
Life Sciences

High Tech,
Retail & CG

Professional Services

Communication & Media


Non Profit &
Public Sector

Engineering & Construction

Transportation & Hospitality


Agriculture &

Energy &

Operations 360° | Apps 360 IOM

Ascent ERP provides an organization with a complete Operations 360° control with comprehensive functionality for the middle and back office operations on the same platform as sales and service.

Ascent ERP Operations 360 Salesforce ERP AppExchange

Multi-Location Inventory & Omni-channel Orders Management

Combining the IM and OM apps into one end-to-end solution Ascent IOM allows you to build a multi-channel order and inventory management solution to help you track orders, control inventory, replenish stock, create shipments, and manage vendors or customers reverse logistics.

💡 NEWS: We are refactoring our IOM solution into a single app that will be named Apps 360 IOM on the Salesforce AppExchange (Coming 2024).

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Did you know? While both Ascent (IM) Inventory Management and Ascent (OM) Order Management are standalone products, installing them together creates added efficiencies towards achieving a 360° degree view of your operations and customers.

Complementary Salesforce Solutions

Our 100% native applications are complementary to anyone already benefiting from the Salesforce Platform and its Sales, Service, Commerce, Marketing, Health and Manufacturing Clouds as well as additional products like CPQ and Field Service.

Why Ascent?

We are distribution and manufacturing technology enthusiasts that understood the term “ERP” was oversold and under delivered. We designed a flexible platform to ensure that we are able to adapt and evolve with businesses from the startup to enterprise level yet keep our offering affordable.