Solar-Aid, inspiring a higher purpose!

Sometimes in life you meet people or companies with a higher purpose. Once in awhile, these entities create a product or service that supports the greater good of people individuals and families that they may never meet.

Solar-Aid, an AscentERP customer in the UK, is that kind of company. Solar-Aid has created a solar powered light bulb that sells for less than $10.00 and lasts 5 years. What’s the social and environmental impact of this revolutionary solar powered light bulb? It is now providing clean and affordable lighting throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, illuminating families’ homes and businesses and increasing productivity with its product.

Currently, most parts of Sub-Saharan Africa utilize Kerosene to light their home. Since electricity is scarce resource, kerosene unfortunately becomes the fuel of choice. Kerosene is dirty, carcinogenic and consumes 20% of a family’s income, keeping millions in poverty.

The Solar-Aid light bulb is clean, renewable, does not need electricity, affordable, and last for years. This helps move people out of poverty and into a healthier environment and economic climate.

Solar-Aid , inspiring a higher purpose!

Written by: Ascent’s Co-Founder and President Shaun McInerney

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