Source Support Services is Providing Instant Gratification!

In today’s digitally crazed social world, instant answers, instant information and instant gratification are the norm. We use mobile apps to pay for our coffee because counting cash and change is to slow. When we need directions or a reservation, no matter where we are or what we are doing, we can find the details and secure the perfect dining experience in seconds.

So, how do you support a global customer base that has mission critical hardware with same day parts and service? How do you respond within four hours to a hospital with life saving equipment that is no longer functioning? Source Support Services, that’s how.

With a culture of get it done at all costs and an infrastructure built in the cloud, Source Support Services continually exceeds their customer’s expectations. Using cloud, Source Support is able to repair and or replace mission critical hardware in the regions they serve within 4 hours or less. The Salesforce service cloud helps manage the dispatching of hundreds of service technicians. AscentERP ensures that 121 global locations have the right hardware at the right time and the right amount to ensure the service technicians show up on sight ready to repair and replace the first time.

Source Support Services providing the industrial / physical world the instant gratification we are used to!

Written by: Ascent’s Co-Founder and President Shaun McInerney

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