The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Significant, world-changing innovations have always been the spark that ignites a new age in history. And today, many believe that big data is the spark ushering in the fourth industrial revolution.

Businesses are racing to keep up with advances in this technology-based revolution, where all information is valuable, from sources and inventory to partnerships and customer profiles. When something has value, we’ll always find a way to collect it; but of course there’s more to it than that. We need to be able to put the valuable commodity to good use.

Application developers are rushing in with answers. So many, in fact, that app usage has increased in the US by 52% between June 2013 and June 2014 alone. This flood of apps means two things: there are a lot of choices, and many won’t make the grade. Pioneers in the fourth industrial revolution will seek out the apps that create seamless synergy between departments, collecting key information about sources, inventory, connections, partners, and customers in a way that is useful and accessible to everyone who needs it, when and where they need it.

One company at the forefront of the big data revolution is Xtreme Lashes. They’re using AscentERP to manage operations, supply chains, inventory, vendors, orders, and their warehouse. “The app is a mobile, social platform, and that ties in perfectly with Xtreme Lashes, which is a very mobile and interactive business. It allows our quality control manager, our warehouse manager, and our purchasing manager to collaborate and swarm around an issue,” said Ali Moshfeghain, Chief of Operations at Xtreme Lashes.

Buyers today have higher expectations. Products need to be easily discoverable online, simple to order, and arrive almost instantly. Highly organized, forward thinking business are not only keeping up with this new level of customer demand, but outpacing it. Apps like AscentERP that can fine-tune internal operations, also allow companies to gather and utilize customer information in a very proactive way, with a nearly perfect, personalized customer experience every time.

There’s no question that being a part of the Big Data revolution means investing in a system that can offer highly organized information gathering, key industry, market, and customer analytics, and the opportunity to create a personalized sales experience for every customer.

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