The Innovation Never Stops!

The rules of social media says, limit the self promotion. Forget that! Ascent continues to innovate and refine. Our newest innovation, DWO, will allow Ascent to support the refurbish and repair market place.

DWO – Deconstruct Work Order. This new feature in Ascent is primarily for those customers who are new to Ascent, who have migrated completed finished goods over to Ascent that are serialized, or for those clients who “sold” finished goods in their legacy system and whose customers have returned those items to them.

What it does: this allows you to take an item that is a BOM-non Phantom item which is in your inventory (whether it is serialized or not) and deconstruct/disassemble it. It removes the finished product out of inventory and it puts back into inventory the components.

Normally, if you had built that item in Ascent, you could just use the credit or reverse type on a PWO. But, if it was built on some legacy system, you wouldn’t have the work order and all the associated details. By creating a PWO in Ascent and changing the type to “dwo”, assuming that you have a valid bill of material for that item and that the end item exists in your inventory, you would select “Complete PWO”, it will ask you for the serial# of the item you are deconstructing (if a serialized item), and where it exists, and will then ask you for the components, their lot/location, and their serial#s, if appropriate.

When is this available? Now.

Written by: Ascent’s Co-Founder and President Shaun McInerney

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