With Android and Zebra, Modernization is Simple

Published: August 22, 2019 | By: Ascent Solutions

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With Android and Zebra, Modernization is Simple
Four in five consumer cell phones are using Android OS (operating system), making it a popular choice among customers, but the same cannot be readily said of retailers and warehouses. As a consumer-grade platform, Android may seem less robust than its iOS and Windows counterparts. However, as e-commerce and omnichannel engagement take the forefront of the retail industry, the need for modernized digital assets is urgent.

As a cloud-based Salesforce application, Ascent Solutions understands the importance of reliable innovation that keeps up with changing trends. Optimized for Android, Ascent simplifies inventory control from packing to shipping in any Android-based Zebra devices.

Grow with the User-Centered OS

Zebra Technologies has been working for approximately 8 years with Android to come up with the best products for warehouse modernization. Android stands as your best choice in optimizing workforce mobility since it promotes security, productivity, and flexibility, all serving to enhance customer satisfaction in and out of the four walls.

With 1.3 billion Android-based applications available worldwide, Android decreases your team’s learning curve with its familiar and straightforward platform. Improve customer relations with faster services, which only a user-friendly system can provide when you expand Android’s benefits through Ascent’s cloud-based platform, easily compatible with Zebra’s most rugged line of warehouse technology.

With Android and Zebra, Modernization is Simple2

Secure Productivity with TC5x:

Thanks to Zebra’s fortified Android and Mobility Extensions, protecting critical information within your digital assets becomes simpler with government-grade encryption and seamless security patches that protect you from data risks and costly downtime that come from malfunctioning devices

With Android and Zebra, Modernization is Simple

Manage Supply Chain with MC3300:

Supporting a vast array of next-generation Mobility DNA applications, Android streamlines inventory management by eliminating bottlenecks with simultaneous data-capture, manageable through the user-friendly system. While new applications modernize operations, continue to the lower learning curve with familiar TE apps functional right out of the box.

With Android and Zebra, Modernization is Simple

Adapt Operations with ET55:

Choose Android as your OS of choice for greater device management that increases device availability by monitoring your digital assets’ performance through one single device. Standing as a favorite amongst leading manufacturers such as Zebra Technologies, Android provides easy integration and cutting-edge warehouse solutions designed for affordable modernization.

Contact us to learn how you can upgrade to the next level of warehouse optimization.

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