Ascent Label Anything is a standalone and 100% native app to

Thanks to the ZebraDesignerâ„¢ software, easily design labels from simple to complex for all sizes with any barcode symbology.

Simply add the created templates to your standard, custom or managed package objects and print them directly out of Salesforce.

Ascent Label Anything is ideal for companies on Salesforce that need to create labels for applications such as Amazon Fulfillment, Shelf, Pallet, Inventory Control, Asset, Compliance, Vaccine Cloud, Bedside, Vial, Tube, UPC EAN labeling and Visitor Badges.

Download the Ascent Label Anything Datasheet for more detailed information:
Label Anything Datasheet




Food/Beverage Industry

Retail/Consumer Good

Transport and Logistics

Equipment Rental


Events Management


Field Service