Ascent Solutions Leadership

Ascent Leadership Team

Shaun McInerney // President & CEO

Meet Shaun, the Founder and President of Ascent Solutions, and a true visionary entrepreneur with a remarkable 32-year career in sales and marketing within the high-tech sector. Shaun’s journey includes over a decade at Avnet Inc., where he held various sales and management roles, honing his expertise and establishing invaluable contacts in both software and hardware industries.


Additionally, he holds the position of President of Symbology Enterprises, a leading data collection systems integrator, where he continues to lead with a commitment to synergy and teamwork.

Innovation & Vision

Shaun’s forward-thinking approach and expansive network have played a crucial role in spearheading the creation of multiple Salesforce native applications at Ascent Solutions. Shaun’s belief in collaborative efforts is centered on the ultimate goal of delivering the most flexible, user-friendly, and efficient solutions in the industry.

His enduring passion for innovation, coupled with a wealth of experience, defines Shaun’s leadership style. Under his guidance, Ascent Solutions thrives as a dynamic force in the technology landscape, pushing boundaries and setting new standards for excellence.

Fabio Massetta // VP of Sales & Marketing

Fabio, a key member of the Ascent team since 2014, currently serves as the Vice President of Sales & Marketing. With over 20 years of comprehensive experience in business development, sales, marketing, and operations across diverse industries, he has earned Ranger status and boasts 14+ years of expertise within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Global Partnerships

Known for his unique ability to comprehend and address the specific challenges faced by a wide range of businesses transitioning to the Salesforce platform, Fabio’s multicultural background and fluency in multiple languages contribute to his effectiveness in building relationships and establishing strategic worldwide partnerships.


Beyond the professional realm, Fabio’s passion for sports shines through, and he remains a competitive tennis player. His pragmatic and strategic approach, coupled with his enthusiasm for both work and play, make him an invaluable asset to the Ascent Solutions team.

Tom Scuoteguazza // VP of Products & Services

Tom has dedicated over 30 years to building and advising teams that transform businesses through the strategic use of information technology. This has included roles in sales and service delivery as well as supporting the software delivery lifecycle (SDLC) through requirements definition, business analysis and quality assurance.

Quality Assurance

Tom was an early evangelist of the power of the platform and since 2015 has worked as part of the Ascent team with a focus on managing projects and building processes that support the delivery of business solutions that exceed customer expectations. Currently, Tom serves as Vice President of Products and Services at Ascent and oversees the teams responsible for customer success, service delivery and partner support as well as leading the product requirement definition process and the quality assurance team.


Tom is passionate about asking the right questions and building communities that can learn to answer them together, not only in business but all aspects of life. He is working on broadening this perspective in post graduate work in anthropology and theology, which he balances with his service as an ordained deacon and his first priority of being a husband and father.

John LeJeune // VP of Engineering

John is a highly experienced software developer with over 39 years of experience in various application and technology domains. He has performed lead roles in enterprise application development, software product development, software process engineering, and software quality assurance.

Solutions Development

John joined the Ascent team in 2015 as a senior developer with a focus on adding radio frequency identification (RFID) capabilities to the Ascent ERP product. Since then, he has developed new products and contributed to existing ones, enhancing Ascent’s ability to help customers succeed in operating their businesses.

During this period, he was promoted to Senior Research and Development Engineer, completed multiple Salesforce technical certifications, and earned the accomplishment of becoming a Salesforce Trailhead Ranger.

In 2023, John was promoted again to Vice President of Engineering. He is currently responsible for building and maintaining the company’s product portfolio. As part of this responsibility, John directs and oversees teams doing software development and the software process pipeline. He also advises and coordinates with the quality assurance team, coordinates technology related training and certifications, and acts as a technology advisor to other members of the leadership team.


When not pursuing his career, John is committed to his family’s happiness. Personal interests include camping/outdoors, the National Hockey League (NHL), enjoying a large genre of movies/music, and pursuing additional self-enlightenment through reading and traveling.

Ascent Solutions’ Multidisciplinary Management Team Highlights

As the leading integrator and developer of demand flow technology and data collection solutions, Ascent Solutions aims to help each one of our customers take their respective businesses to the next level with the ability to make smart, profitable business decisions based on real-time, anywhere access to critical information.

Ascent Solutions strives for an innovative and open workplace that encourages equality as a way to create deeper relationships with our employees, customers, partners and community. We believe broad perspectives and diverse backgrounds make our teams, products and solutions better.

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Why Ascent?

We are distribution and manufacturing technology enthusiasts that understood the term “ERP” was oversold and under delivered. We designed a flexible platform to ensure that we are able to adapt and evolve with businesses from the startup to enterprise level yet keep our offering affordable.