Production Work Orders – Overview

Overview This document will serve as an overview of all of the functionality available via Production Work Orders (PWO). Subsequent documents will discuss in detail all the features offered via PWOs. Definition: Production Work Orders are objects/records in Ascent that serve as a framework for building/assembling/manufacturing assemblies and consuming the material that goes into that […]

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Sales/Purchase Planner

Overview This document will serve as an overview of the functionality available via the Sales/Purchase Planner (SPP) function. The purpose of Sales/Purchase Planner is to give users the ability to create purchase orders (PO) or production work orders (PWO) directly from open sales order requirements or PWO BOM Depletion Lines. Definition: Sales/Purchase Planner is a […]

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Bill of Materials

Definition A bill of material, simply put, is a list of raw materials, components, and sub-assemblies required to construct, manufacture, or repair an item and the quantities for each. A BOM (bill of materials) is also known as a formula, a recipe, or ingredients list in process industries.    BOM Types Ascent supports two types of […]

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