Production Work Order – Substitution

Overview and Process Situations occur in the manufacturing process where components on a Production Work Order (PWO) are not available, however, there is a deadline on when the assembly can be completed. So, substitutions could be used in lieu of the original component(s) on the BOM. Defining the substitutions allowed:  For this document, we will […]

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Production Work Order – Deconstruct Work Order

Overview  Ascent has the ability to allow a user to take an item which is in stock and deconstruct it.  Under circumstances when a manufactured item is produced using Ascent’s Production Work Order capability, you can simply change the “Type” to “reverse” and the system will put the components that were consumed by the completion […]

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Production Work Order – Complete PWO

Overview and Process To access the Complete PWO function, click on the down arrow next to the “Clone” button to expose multiple options. You would click “Complete PWO”. Please note that this will work for those PWOs that are not allocated. Here is the Complete PWO screen. It will display the PWO#, Due Date, any […]

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Production Work Order – Allocations and Building

Overview and Process Companies often have a requirement to reserve or allocate inventory that is to be used to build a production work. They may want to allocate the entire amount or maybe just a partial amount, based on shop capacity. In either case, by allocating the inventory on a production work order, you take […]

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