Work Order – Pick List

Overview This document will provide details on how to create a pick list on a work order. Process  After creating a work order (process is explained in a separate document), click the down arrow next to the Delete button and select Picking List: The picking list will show the item(s) to be selected on the […]

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Work Order – Completion

Overview and Process Work Orders can be used to move inventory, create inventory, and consume inventory.  This document will illustrate how each of those activities can occur. Work Order: For our example, we have a work order that has no specific type: It has three (3) work order lines.  The first one is for creating […]

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Work Order – Inspection Type

Overview An inspection work order is used when a company wishes to inspect newly manufactured or purchased material.  Material can be received via a purchase order or can be built using a production work order, and after either of those processes, can be inspected and either put into a location available for use or put […]

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Work Order – Delivery Type

Overview and Process A delivery work order is used when a company wishes to create a separate process to pack the sales order other than Pack SO.  Oftentimes, warehouse personnel are not allowed to view the sales order, but just pack the sales order.  The Ascent Mobile Menu can be used for this, or a […]

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