Case Study: Bosma 160,000 sq ft Warehouse Managed by Visually Impaired Staff

Published: April 19, 2024 | By: Ascent Solutions

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Ascent Solutions Case Study Bosma

About Bosma Enterprises

Bosma is a nonprofit organization based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Its core mission is to help the blind or visually impaired find gainful employment. With a staff that is over 60% blind or visually impaired, Bosma programs teach individuals how to succeed in today’s fast-paced, sometimes virtual world. The organization also recently became a Salesforce System Integration (SI) and Ascent Solutions Certified Partner, assisting other nonprofits around the country with their Salesforce and assisted technology needs. Bosma is the largest employer of people with vision loss in the state of Indiana.


Part of Bosma’s funds-generating platform is selling merchandise to third parties, including VA hospitals. To do this, Bosma receives individual parts from all over the world to package into the products that the consumer needs. This includes anything from salt bags for icy roads to widgets for larger manufacturers and specialized resource kits for hospitals or care centers. With an organization that is run almost exclusively on Salesforce, Bosma needed not just an inventory management application, but one that was well-suited to be used by individuals who were blind or visually impaired.
With annual sales revenue of $100M, 40,000 inbound and shipped items per month, 160,000 square feet of warehouse space, two semi-trucks of product going out daily, as well as, refunds, donation items, and equipment management, Bosma needed an inventory management system that would be robust, customizable, scalable, and most importantly, user friendly for assistive technology like screen readers and enhancement tools. A big challenge was also upward mobility for blind individuals to advance in their organizations.


After thoroughly vetting many technology providers, Bosma decided that Ascent Solutions extending Salesforce would accomplish these monumental goals. Bosma went live with Ascent ERP after substantial discussions, designs, tweaks, and diligent testing was done.
Bosma has been able to utilize the delivered technology solution to automate processes seamlessly to allow for quick changes, occasional one-off scenarios, as well as to track the life of a client or product from inception to completion. The improved visibility and efficiency also resulted in a huge increase in blind or visually impaired staff getting promotions and receiving advancement in management positions within the organization.
The organization continues to work closely with Ascent Solutions for various enhancements to stay consistent with market trends, as well as, specific user requirements. This constant collaboration now helps other nonprofits with their digital transformation journey on the Salesforce platform addressing their inventory management needs. Bosma provides exceptional warehousing capabilities with a 99% accuracy rate.

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