Bulk Pick Pack and Ship

Published: July 10, 2023 | By: Ascent Solutions

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Bulk Pick Pack and Ship

Scaling Up Your Business: A Guide to Efficient Bulk Pick, Pack, and Ship Operations

Is your business growing? Are your fulfillment demands more than you can handle? This is a great but frightening problem to have. What you have been doing has obviously been working, but it’s time to shake things up and take your business to the next level. Have you ever thought of Bulk Pick, Pack, and Shipping your product? Industries that have already caught onto this extremely efficient method have predominantly been in the e-commerce world. Business owners realized that picking product sales orders by sales order is not efficient, especially when orders are flying in from the web. Below are high-level overviews about how to think about and perhaps implement Bulk Pick, Pack, and Ship.

Bulk Pick – The company is just exploding with business. You have orders from different people and different parts of the country. It’s time to start the process of getting your product to the customer. Printing picking lists one by one will take time and is inefficient. What if multiple orders have the same item and your picker keeps visiting that same location instead of picking all of the products at once? A bulk pick solution will correct this problem. Companies can print out a Bulk Pick List, which consolidates all like items from multiple orders onto 1-pick list. If there are 10 items of X and 12 items of Y they will pick it all at once and bring the product to the pack station, cutting down on time and increasing productivity and efficiency.

Bulk Pack – Now here comes the hard part. You have all this product in front of you but how do you know where to ship it? With a click of a button, Ascent will print all the packing lists needed to satisfy the bulk-picked items! Your best people in the warehouse will start organizing all of the items and placing them into the packaged based on the packing list.

Bulk Ship – Your package is ready to ship to the customer. An option at this point is to have a button that will print out all of your UPS or FedEx shipping labels at once. Warehouse employees can easily match the packing slips to the shipping labels. Seal the box, slap on the shipping sticker and you are ready to ship.

This is just one way you can perform shipping. Hopefully, this blog will get your gears working and thinking about your business processes.

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