Out of Stock or Out of Mind

Published: November 7, 2019 | By: Ascent Solutions

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Out of Stock or Out of Mind

Simple Inventory Management

You might have experienced the disappointment of attempting to buy an item only for it to be out of stock. Unfortunately, this experience is quite common. Business analysts at the IHL Group estimated retailers have lost as much as $144.9 billion due to stock shortages in North America alone. Not only do out-of-stocks drain revenue, but they also impact customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, and seasonal promotions. This will ultimately lead to a deteriorating business lifespan.

Common causes for out-of-stocks include:

  • Underestimated demands
  • Late deliveries
  • Confusing storage plans
  • Unclear worker responsibilities

Specialized for efficient inventory management, Ascent Solutions combines the strengths of modern technology onto the Salesforce platform, giving workers maximum visibility through a cloud-based system. Ascent digitally helps keep track of moving assets and when combined with Zebra labels gives your workforce -and your customers- better insight into available products. Moreover, Zebra’s Certified labels take efficiency one step further by preserving your assets’ information in virtually any condition.

Create a Clear Path from Dock to Shelf

According to studies conducted by the Trading Partner Alliance, product availability is the third reason shoppers return to any given store. This means your inventory must be accounted for at all times. Therefore, tracking labels must remain legible under a variety of environments. From cold storage freezers to humid summer warehouses, Zebra’s pretested labels retain legibility to increase productivity by delivering quality barcodes customized to fit your application requirements.

Out of Stock or Out of Mind

Visible Dynamic Workflows

Consistently readable in any environment, Zebra’s labels work together with Ascent’s management system to enhance dynamic workflows with better visibility. Simply scan your intact barcodes to…

  • Track materials and products across multiple locations
  • Predict seasonal demands
  • Match incoming orders to available inventory
  • Streamline return orders without losing visibility
  • Facilitate invoicing and rentals
Out of Stock or Out of Mind
Modern supply chains are complex, but your inventory management system doesn’t have to be. Ascent Solutions provides a wide array of Zebra Certified labels, all working seamlessly with the Ascent app to enhance visibility. Find your perfect label match when you contact us for your free assessment and boost customer satisfaction with solutions designed for efficiency.
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