See How Ascent Solutions Prepares for the New Decade

Published: November 19, 2019 | By: Ascent Solutions

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See How Ascent Solutions Prepares for the New Decade
A sea of new opportunities awaits companies this year. Zebra Technologies Warehouse Vision Study outlines several challenges warehouses can expect to face, while also highlighting exciting new implementations coming our way. From increased warehouse automation to familiar Android-powered systems, Ascent Solutions explores every facet of efficient innovation through strategic partnerships with Salesforce, Zebra Technologies, and other leading technology providers.

Simplicity and Versatility Go Hand in Hand

Inventory management is at the crux of successful operations, yet depending on the industry, it may look radically different from company to company, involving multiple steps. Partnering with several leaders in warehousing such as Zebra Technologies, Ascent has built many solutions on Salesforce for the entire organization, which we call Operations 360.

See How Ascent Solutions Prepares for the New Decade

Operations 360 on Salesforce Provides

  • Order Management – Track your sales order from picking to delivery through Ascent’s cloud-based platform, deployable in any mobile device.
  • Inventory Management – Expand visibility in and out of the warehouse to prevent product shrinkage and costly bottlenecks with a tracking system engineered for the warehouse’s harsh environment.
  • Reverse Logistics – Reduce misplaced assets with proper identification and warehouse management before inventory loses value.
  • Warehouse Mobility – Increase management efficiency with a seamless combination of Ascent’s inventory management as well as barcode and serial number abilities and Zebra’s rugged mobile devices, perfected for warehouse and field services. Save, share, and access data anywhere through the Salesforce platform.
  • Salesforce Field Service – Collect real-time data for quicker insight while on the move. Ascent extends the functionality of Salesforce Field Service by ensuring accuracy via inventory/asset management with replenishment. Another key feature is tracking time and materials tied to a work order.
  • Salesforce Configure Price Quote (CPQ) – Access updated pricing with any product configuration scenario to generate accurate quotes on the spot. Ascent extends the functionality of CPQ by continuing the lifecycle of an order via OMS and inventory management.

Opportunities abound and Ascent Solutions is prepared to set your business on a path to success. From massive distribution centers to newly established startups, grow your solution with the leaders in cloud ERP on Salesforce. As a Zebra Premier Solutions Partner, Ascent is equipped with the latest technology available so you can start optimizing operations the right way.

For more information on cloud ERP and Operations 360 contact us today.

Ascent Solutions is Cloud ERP on Salesforce for Operations 360°

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