How Warehouse Technology Empowers E-commerce

There is no definitive way to predict the future, and yet change inevitable. Whether it be the seasons or technology, change is always on its way. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that current studies have outlined key shifts within the global market that call for rapid warehouse modernization. With e-commerce and mobile shopping growing exponentially, new warehouse technology is being developed on Salesforce to meet customer demand with enhanced flexibility to help companies of all sizes survive and thrive, amidst rapid change.

Ascent Solutions is a cloud-based, native Salesforce application capable of streamlining product management systems, integrating shopping carts, tracking inventory over multiple locations, and managing payment processing, fulfillment, and customer service. When a company designs or sells products that need to be procured, packaged, and distributed, there must be an integrated warehouse technology system to track every piece of inventory from beginning to end for a closed loop system. Business leaders need to be able to access information immediately – anytime, anywhere – in order to keep pace with competitors, partners and customers in real time.

Combine Ascent Solutions leading warehouse technology on Salesforce with Zebra Technologies’ cutting-edge hardware engineered for tough environments by leading manufacturers –such as Zebra’s MC3300– to modernize your warehouse.

A Better Warehouse Mobility System on Salesforce

A Better Warehouse Mobility System on Salesforce

Optimize Operations with Mobility and Warehouse In Mind

When it comes to enterprise success, adaptability is crucial. That’s why Zebra’s intuitive mobile computer, the MC3300, shatters expectations by providing you with the necessary flexibility for optimal productivity.

  • Designed Functionality: Customize your own platform by selecting from, three scan engines, four form factors, three keypads, and three tiers of combination, all designed to increase grip comfort and prevent fatigue.
  • New Connectivity: Maximize workforce productivity with a data-capture device that doubles as a push-to-talk communicator, right out of the box without additional infrastructure needed.
  • Unmatched Speed:  Reduce wait-times when scanning with SimulScan and capture multiple barcodes with just on trigger pull.
  • Expanded Visibility: Document the condition of your assets and incoming shipments with 13 MP high-resolution camera.
  • Trusted Durability: Face the toughest environments with a heat-resistant rugged casing, 5ft drop specification, and Gorilla Glass touchscreen.

While change is unavoidable, ensure peace of mind with the MC3300’s fortified future-proof Android. Equip your workforce with the ease of a familiar operating system while getting seamless OS updates, reliable security patches, government-grade encryption, and support for your TE apps –no backend modification needed.  Easily pair your mobile computer with Ascent Solutions’ Salesforce platform to get the edge in new e-commerce trends without sacrificing your warehouse’s workflow.

E-commerce will continue to shape industries for years to come. Stay ahead of change with modernization solutions that endure new demands with maximum flexibility and return of investment. Learn more about Ascent Solutions native Salesforce applications on AppExchange.

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