Catalyze Digital Transformation with Cloud ERP

Published: March 30, 2022 | By: Ascent Solutions

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Catalyze Digital Transformation with Cloud ERP

Cloud ERP: Unleashing Digital Transformation in the Post-Pandemic Landscape through Seamless Inventory Management

Digital transformation sure isn’t easy for companies to put into practice. Even in the face of seismic, business-altering culture and customer shifts due to the recent pandemic, companies still struggle with it. Many have spoken about the reasons companies are slow to adopt digital transformation but let us propose an alternative solution. Why not leverage cloud ERP as the catalyst for digital transformation? For companies that manage inventory, it’s an exceptionally straightforward way to successfully move to the cloud. Having something tangible, like inventory, that touches every team in the front and back office, is critical to rally the company and customer experience around.

Struggling with Digital Transformation? Consider Cloud ERP as the Catalyst for Success

At this stage of the digital transformation movement the consensus among companies that have moved critical systems to the cloud receive substantial benefit including increased revenue, lower costs, and improved customer experience. Furthermore, companies that embrace digital transformation also gain the ability to scale and grow a business more effectively than companies that don’t embrace cloud-based technology.

As the number one CRM solution, Salesforce is a pioneer in the cloud industry, so it’s a logical place to start when considering a move to cloud ERP. Ascent Solutions is the top back office application for helping customers achieve Operations 360 on Salesforce. Recognizing that it is difficult to manage a company well with spreadsheets or cumbersome legacy software, Ascent Solutions provides a cloud-based ERP alternative, for real-time data, anytime, anywhere.

For companies that manage inventory, orders, and warehouse logistics, Ascent Solutions’ turnkey applications available on AppExchange are a great way to accelerate digital transformation. It’s pretty easy for employees to see a correlation between better inventory management and happier customers. This makes change management and technology implementation much more straightforward. Here’s a diagram that illustrates Operations 360:

Catalyze Digital Transformation with Cloud ERP

Benefits of Cloud ERP

  • Single Source of Truth. A single cloud ERP + CRM system connects the front office with the back office for increased visibility into supply chain bottlenecks and potential shipping/fulfillment issues for customer orders.
  • Real-Time Visibility. The ability to quickly locate inventory is critical for successful reverse logistics. Cloud technology enables companies to track serialized and non-serialized products down to the truck and palette locations.
  • Data-Driven Customer Support. Customer service reps (CSRs) are also able to see inventory locations and bottlenecks in real time.

15 years ago Ascent Solutions made the strategic decision to become a Salesforce ISV partner and we’ve been building apps and industry solutions that extend Salesforce from the front office to the back office for ERP, inventory, order management, demand planning, and reverse logistics ever since. Our applications:

  • Are ideal for B2B, B2C, and B2B2C companies of any size
  • Track sources for materials or products
  • Plan for procurement and forecast inventory needs
  • Manage inventory over multiple locations
  • Tie sales orders directly to available inventory
  • Streamline the make-to-order process
  • Make returns and return orders simple and accurate
  • Simplify fulfillment and invoicing

We have worked closely with our customers to provide comprehensive solutions to the unique challenges faced in their industries. In some cases, we’ve grown with our customers from small startups to publicly traded companies, which is extremely fulfilling to our mission. If you’re looking for a way to improve digital transformation and move to the cloud, make sure to check out our native apps on Salesforce AppExchange or contact us.

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