From Startup to Stock Exchange: Ascent Solutions Customers Are in the News

Published: October 5, 2021 | By: Ascent Solutions

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From Startup to Stock Exchange Ascent Solutions Customers Are in the News on running flow water

After Dreamforce: Navigating the Post-Event Landscape with a Focus on Trust, Remote Work, and the Shifting Dynamics of Consumer-Company Relationships

Ah yes, the world after Dreamforce. Not quite the same feeling as the day after Christmas, for those who celebrate it, but pretty close. Salesforce wrapped up another inspiring marquee event with a major focus on the theme of trust. The topic was both timely and appropriate for the world we live in today, which permeated throughout keynotes, breakout sessions, and product roadmap discussions. Just as consumer behavior has radically changed during the pandemic, so has the way employees want to work and how companies support them. Underlying this dynamic is a new level of trust being formed between consumers, employees, and companies. On a related note, we’ve been a distributed team at Ascent Solutions for a long time and love it.

Salesforce is a Trusted Ecosystem

It got us thinking about how appreciative we are to be involved in the Salesforce ecosystem and to have our amazing customers put their trust in our technology and expertise to support their high-priority business objectives. As one CEO put it “We’ve run millions of products through Ascent.” If you don’t know us yet, our customers leverage Ascent native Salesforce apps, solutions, and pre-built integrations for ERP, inventory, order management, reverse logistics, warehouse mobility, demand planning, work orders, omnichannel fulfillment, digital transformation and a myriad of other solutions.

From Startup to Stock Exchange Ascent Solutions Customers Are in the News3

On Running Goes Public on New York Stock Exchange

What’s most exciting, however, is this technology partnership with Ascent customers often starts at a very early stage. We were reminded of this recently when we congratulated our customer On Running for going public on the New York Stock Exchange and got this nice response from CTO, Wim ter Schüren: “Thank you for the good wishes! We are also extremely thankful that Ascent was always a good partner for us on that path and paved the way to where we stand today!” Helping On Running better manage their inventory and logistics from a small, high-growth startup to a publicly traded company makes it all worthwhile.

From Startup to Stock Exchange Ascent Solutions Customers Are in the News

Flow Beverage Corp Goes Public on the Toronto Stock Exchange

How could it possibly get any better for a customer-centric organization like ours? On Running is the second Ascent Solutions customer to go public in the last two months! Flow Beverage Corp, makers of the popular alkaline spring water, went public on the Canadian stock exchange earlier this summer with impressive revenue growth and an increasing strategic focus on its direct-to-consumer (DTC) and subscription channels. We’re proud to have been a trusted technology partner of Flow Water Inc. since the early days when a handful of users and the Ascent team helped build a single source of truth system on Salesforce for inventory control, procurement, production, orders, and fulfillment management.

We couldn’t be more excited to have been part of the successful growth stories of On Running and Flow Water. Like a proud parent on graduation day, we’re excited to see what comes next for these two great brands.

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