Ascent Certified Partner Spotlight: Coacto

Coacto is a UK based Salesforce consultancy in Gloucestershire that works with companies to achieve business goals. Coacto has over 16 years of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem and works with a diverse range of businesses whether they are new to Salesforce or simply looking for improvements to an existing system.

Fun Fact

The word “Coacto” is Latin for compel. The idea of making something happen, together, is a key component of who Coacto is; a consulting services company where consultancy and client collaborate together to achieve an agreed outcome.


Coacto Founder & Principal Consultant is Paul Harris, a Salesforce ecosystem veteran, user group leader, and Trailhead Ranger. Make sure to connect with Paul on LinkedIn.

Paul Harris Coacto LinkedIn

Ascent Solutions Partnership

Coacto is an Ascent Solutions Certified Partner. Which means they are officially experts in Ascent technology and build customer-centric solutions using Ascent managed packages on Salesforce for ERP, inventory, order management, rentals, reverse logistics, and warehousing. Ascent Solutions provides the most flexible, extensible, and scalable technology on Salesforce.

Read more about how Coacto solves challenges for cloud ERP use cases on it’s blog: 

Salesforce Customer Success

Looking for a specific customer example of how Coacto solves challenges for customers using Ascent Solutions technology? Then watch this brief video about how Pro-Stretch solved ERP and packaging issues on Salesforce: 


Pro-Stretch, a provider of trims for five of the largest sportswear manufacturers in the world, had challenges tracking and managing the manufacture, packaging and shipping of products from multiple Salesforce Sales Orders from a customer, with each order potentially having hundreds of Sales Order Lines. This required a bespoke adaptation within their existing Ascent ERP application.


Working closely with the manufacturing team at Pro-Stretch, our team of experts carefully designed a solution, which allowed packages to be created from across multiple Sales Order Lines from multiple open Sales Orders for any individual customer – all from one screen in their ERP application.

This then enabled the Pro-Stretch team to easily select the quantities for each of the package lines, and based on those, select from a standard set of pre-defined boxes which in turn, directed the packing teams on what to pack and in what type of box and quantity of boxes and can also be used to generate invoices for shipped products.

The successful implementation of this solution has been effective for Pro-Stretch to deliver against deadlines in a much more time efficient manner.

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Interested in learning more about how Coacto helps Salesforce customers achieve success on the platform? Visit Coacto’s website, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages today. If you’d like to explore Ascent Solutions Certified Partner Program please contact us at [email protected].

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