Ascent ERP 4.0 Webinar Series

Published: September 8, 2022 | By: Ascent Solutions

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Ascent ERP 4.0 Webinar Series

Ascent ERP 4.0 Unveiled: A Webinar on Latest Enhancements, Customer Success, and New Features

Ascent Solutions CTO James Gaines hosts an exciting webinar showcasing the latest product enhancements to our flagship Salesforce application Ascent ERP 4.0. Watch the webinar recording to learn about:

  • Ascent Solutions Vision and Mission – what is driving us as a company
  • Why do companies select Salesforce + Ascent Solutions to connect the front and back offices on a single platform
  • How “Operations 360” helps Salesforce customers dramatically improve operational efficiency through cloud ERP

Plus, a customer story: How MOBILion Systems extends Salesforce for biotechnology products from order creation to fulfillment of contract manufacture goods with Ascent Solutions.

James also explores what’s new in Ascent ERP 4.0, including the latest features and benefits:

  • Re-Architecture of the Application
  • RMA’s with Cases vs. Returns
  • Quote Sync
  • Work Orders
  • Hard Allocation vs. Soft Allocation
  • REST API’s
  • Multi-Dimensional Taxes

Watch the Ascent ERP 4.0 Overview Webinar:

Ascent Solutions is Cloud ERP on Salesforce for Operations 360°

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