What Makes an Efficient Returns Management System?

Published: September 19, 2019 | By: Ascent Solutions

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Ascent Solutions Makes an Efficient Returns Management System

Decoding the Return Challenge: The Impact on Online Retailers and Warehouses

Roughly three out of ten online purchases are eventually returned. To thrive in the new digital market, online stores have adapted to offer new and more flexible return policies to their customers. Therefore, it is no surprise that 68% of global retailers see return management as a key challenge facing warehouses today. Retail analysts at the IHL Group estimate consumers return as much as $642.2 billion worth of inventory, and with every passing second, unprocessed returned items depreciate in value, lowering company profits.

Because Ascent Solutions manages inventory throughout the supply chain, we have all the tools needed to create efficient reverse logistics operations that value accuracy, speed, and customer satisfaction without compromising warehouse productivity. Working with Zebra Technologies, Ascent Solutions offers hardware and software implementations that help contribute to a projected 16.5% annual investment increase.

The Omnichannel Challenge for Retailers

Zebra’s Future of Fulfillment Vision Study notes how 41% of consumers worldwide currently use more than one channel when purchasing goods. The rise of varying social media platforms opens even more purchasing options, ultimately contributing to the rise of return issues in warehouses across the world. As efficient system can gather purchase data to quickly deliver an accurate return process in a timely fashion. To help our clients, Ascent Solutions coupled its RMA with Salesforce’s case object, giving our customers access to the accuracy, speed, and visibility needed to face the omnichannel challenge.

  • Enhancing Accuracy – Equip mobile computers with durable Zebra’s Mobility DNA applications that reduce faulty scans, such DataWedge and SimulScan. Capture, store, and share your information effortlessly across channels to facilitate return shipments.
  • Speeding Up the Process – Integrate reverse logistics into Ascent’s Work Order to use pre-collected data in processing your return.
  • Expand Visibility – Combine enterprise-class data capture with pristine imaging when you add Zebra’s ET5X Rugged Tablets into your workforce. Scan return shipments and manage inventory on the go with a durable tablet made for field services and delivery.
Workflow adaptability has become a core foundation in enterprise success within a demanding market. Designing flexible solutions, Ascent Solutions focuses on maximizing efficiency with innovative technology. Contact us today to learn more about reverse logistics solutions on Salesforce that will prepare your team for continued success.
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