The Compelling Case for Servitization on Salesforce

The pandemic was a business-altering event for companies across industries. For leaders looking to future-proof their business, identify new revenue streams, and take advantage of technology to drive operational efficiency, servitization provides a timely and strategic path forward.

Especially when considering recent research from Salesforce in a survey of 750 companies across the globe. A key insight being C-suite leadership priorities have shifted directly as a result of 2020 volatility. In particular, leaders are now more focused on an approach for:

  • New service offerings to generate incremental revenue or recover lost revenue
  • Moving to the cloud to support unique emerging business models
  • Digital transformation as a roadmap for long term success
  • ERP upgrades to improve operations, customer satisfaction, and revenue
salesforce survey research servitization

See our latest infographic called The Compelling Case for Servitization on Salesforce to learn more about this hot trend.

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